There are numerous occasions which call for a party. A big party. When property or room size is an issue, and being outdoors is an absolute must, a tent is the solution. Event tents come in many shapes, styles, and sizes, all of which can be decorated, customized and climate-controlled to your liking! If you want to spare no expense and throw the party of the century or have all of your friends and loved ones included at your wedding, its time to rent a tent.

Best decorations for a tent event 1

Unique lighting

From string lights to chandeliers, to a myriad of other fixtures, you can light your event in any way imaginable. In fact, the more creative light choice the better! You won’t have these lights around every day, so make your special night is all that it can be; choose the most sophisticated lighting solutions you can!

Best decorations for a tent event 2
Stage & Dance Floor ready for a party


There is nothing worse for a party’s vibe than seeing a disorganized theme. To keep spirits high you are going to want to make sure your colors don’t clash, and each of your decorations is placed in an orderly, aesthetic fashion. To keep your theme consistent choose about 3 colors, and use them sparingly throughout your tent to establish a coherent and attractive theme.

Floral arrangements

The enhanced atmosphere, a proper floral arrangement can provide to your event, is everything. When flowers and topiaries are used in tandem, they take an empty tent and give it a natural, outdoorsy look which will surely keep your guests talking.

tent covering walkway

These are just some of the best, and most popular, tent decorations available today. If you can splurge and add a stage & speakers for a band or DJ, or you want a half-open, half-closed tent for a more refreshing outdoor experience, go for it! Make your tent event one to never forget! Be sure to come back to our blog from time-to-time so you can be up-to-date with all upcoming industry trends and deals!

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